South Boston Bark Park

Rules for Use

Use of this park constitutes your agreement to the following terms:


No Parking on Day Blvd or the sidewalks- no exceptions

The Park is open from 6 AM to 8 PM

Keep all gates closed at all times


All dogs entering the park must be leashed with collars displaying a City of Boston Dog License, Rabies Tag, and Identification Tag

Dog(s) leashes must be kept in the person's possession at all times

Must be on a leash and under the control of the owners when outside the dog park

Maximum of 3 dogs per person allowed in the park

All dogs must be within sight and voice control of person at all times

Must IMMEDIATELY leash and removed a problem dog (displaying aggressive behavior, mounting, excessive barking) from the park WITHOUT debate.

All dogs over eight months must be spayed and/or neutered


No person in the park shall run, shout, scream, wave or engage in any behavior which antagonizes a dog in the park or any way violates cruelty laws

Must honor other users requests regarding their dogs

Children under age 5 must be within arms length of parent or guardian at all times

Children between 6-11 must be under strict adult supervision at all times

No smoking in the park

No strollers, rollerblades, or bikes are allowed in the park. 

All persons are required to IMMEDIATELY clean up after dogs and dispose of the water in the appropriate containers

No food, glass containers or alcoholic beverages all allowed in the park

Friend of the South Boston Bark Park